Rhaûnos: the Fairy King

First Session
Meet the Party: The Bad BItches

On a caravan heading to the city of Athlone three young adventurers met. Moira the Warrior came from a lumberjack family but was urged by her father to see the world as a cure for her naivete. She wields her family’s serrated great ax. Addiena the Ranger’s family was killed in a raid but her dying mother told her of her real father. Her and her brother left to seek him but her bother died along the way leaving Addiena to find him alone. Drysi the Wizard came from a family of wizards. Because of her family’s status as outcasts she was often bullied as a child and thus grew up tough. After seeing a great warrior named Mal pass through her village, she decided to take up adventuring.


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